Deepen our response to community needs

  • Leverage our strengths to deliver a clearly articulated continuum of responsive, accessible, and community-based services
  • Provide vibrant spaces that welcome, engage and support our neighbours
  • Develop alliances, synergies and integrations that strengthen our impact
  • Develop, access, and leverage community-grounded action research to better understand and respond to community needs, gaps, and opportunities
  • Work with partners and decision makers to affect policies and system responses that lead to a just, resilient and caring society

Demonstrate the value and importance of investing in our community development approach

  • Articulate clearly the scope, depth, and impact of our programs and services building on our evidence-based approach to evaluation
  • Build recognition of The Neighbourhood Group’s identity and value while maintaining the legacies of its individual entities.
  • Implement a communications strategy that ensures Board, staff and volunteers are able to effectively articulate the work of the organization
  • Create strategies to build resources that strengthen the health, well-being and stability of our community

Grow a strong, resilient and leading organization

  • Continue to be an employer of choice by welcoming, nurturing, and celebrating our people and building a learning and knowledge-based culture focused on development, achievement and leadership
  • Strengthen an administrative infrastructure poised for growth, with the capacity to create, support, and sustain quality programs and services
  • Develop robust systems to support excellence in research and evidence-based evaluation, human resources, client data management, financial and information technology
  • Maintain and grow the diversity of long-term funding sources and independent revenue while not compromising our autonomy or our ability to serve our clients to the highest standard


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