Bill Sinclair
President and CEO
Hugh Hasan
Vice President and CFO
Morris Beckford
Vice President, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Poverty Reduction
Sheri Ellis
Vice President, People, Talent, Culture
Laina Gibson
Vice President, Philanthropy and Communications
Veronica MacDonald
Vice President, Independent Living
Kim Patel
Vice President, Employment and Training Services
Lorie Steer
Vice President, Urban Health and Homelessness
Chris Archambault
Executive Assistant
Lisa Nurse-Bernett
Human Resources Generalist
Suzi Edwards
Finance Administrator
Moe Sukraj
Facilities Manager
Kathy Adams
Programs & Services
Pamela Gawn
Senior Manager, Programs & Services (CNH)
Michelle Ilios
Manager. Children & Youth Services
Franclyn Clement
Children & Youth Program Coordinator
Abdi Hassan
Children & Youth Worker (Kidz Klub)
Julyata Mekonnen
Coordinator, Community Development
Safia Hirsi
Women's Program Coordinator
Robert Butler
Manager, Adult Day Program
Paul Hundert
Adult Day Program Worker
Sharon Allison
Adult Day Program Worker
Toby Mullally
Manager, Street Survivors Program
Tsering Palmo
Manager, Street Survivors Program
Afroza Sultana Uddin
Seniors Housing Coordinator
Briana Hogg
Volunteer & Special Events Coordinator
Christian Stouffer
Volunteer Coordinator
Childcare Services
Main House Daycare
349 Ontario Street Toronto, ON M5A 2V8 Tel: 416.925.4363 Fax: 416.925.1545
Soni Ahmad
Senior Manager, Childcare Services
Sandra Costa
Family Support Coordinator
Winchester Daycare
Heritage Building 15 Prospect Street Toronto, ON M4X 1C7 Tel: 416.920.1034 Fax: 416.925.1545
Roshnie Sukhraj
Manager, Winchester Daycare
Independent Living
688 Coxwell Avenue, Suite 302 Toronto, ON M4C 3B6 Tel: 416.649.1000 Fax: 416.645.1010
Tosha Jones
Client Care Supervisor
Lindsey Patterson
Client Care Supervisor
Sabah Hasan
Manager, Supportive Housing
Melinda Blondin
Client Care Supervisor
Joy Ndagire
Client Care Supervisor
Joyce Watson
Client Care Coordinator
Sharon Johnson
Receptionist/Client Care Coordinator
André Dufour
Funding and Systems Administrator
Kathleen Roath
Senior Manager, Programs and Services (NLSS)
Blentin Cuko
Manager Financial Administration
Teresa Candido
Senior Manager, Human Resources
Maran Rajadurai
Budget Analyst
Philip Wong
Systems Manager
Sophie McCormack
Finance and Human Resources Assistant
Tammy Clarke
Taylor Massey Oakridge - Our Strong Neighbourhood Project Lead
Nina Shwaizer Safary
Volunteer & Special Events Coordinator
Jenny Lewis
Senior Manager, Housing
Robert Hewitt
Assistant Manager, Housing
Kim Tenn
Administrative Assistant, Housing
Children and Youth
Michelle Ilios
Manager, Children & Youth Services
Nikeisha Noel
Assistant Youth Resource Outreach Worker
Camille Hutchinson
Youth Outreach Worker
Khalid Barra
Youth Outreach Worker
Michael Maloney
Youth Employment Counsellor/Facilitator
Michelle Adams
Employment Counsellor and Facilitator
Community Programs
Suchana Pandey
Manager Community Resources
Gaetan Heroux
Partners for Access and Identifcation Worker
Kelsii Naeimi
Partners for Access and Identification Worker
Naghmeh Mohajer
Partners for Access and Identifcation Worker
Nana Shamba
Newcomer Program Worker
Nasrin Safary
Partners for Access and Identification Worker
Patricia Hill
Newcomer Services Facilitator
Peter Votsch
Partners for Access and Identification Worker
Samina Rafaqat
Partners for Access and Identification Worker
Senior Services
Joyce MacDonald
Senior Manager, Community Support
Danielle Payne
Senior Manager, Health Sector Planning
Hasina Quader
Senior Manager, Meals on Wheels
Ellen White
Manager, Community Programs
Amy Wu
Chinese Program
Cheryl Ann Yaacoub
Team Assistant
Janet Keenan
Seniors Programs Team Leader
Shumei Liang
Meals on Wheels Coordinator
Phebe Pang
Chinese Program
Robin Miller
Team Assistant
Shelly Hill
Transportation Scheduler
Susan Rooplal
Adult Day Program Team Lead
Tessa James
Supportive Housing Team Leader
Yvonne George
Akwasti Convener
Ashley Featherstone
Housing Action Worker
Employment Services
Anne Hurl
Employment Services Team Lead
Arben Bregu
Computer Information Specialist
Bindu D'Cunha
Administrative Assistant - Employment Programs
Bob McLellan
Pre-Employment Programs Team Lead
Christine Cleland
Employment Counsellor/Facilitator
Desi Milusheva
Employment Counsellor/Facilitator (Resource & Information)
Fess Ghebremedhin
Employment Counsellor/Facilitator
Long Wu
Employment Counsellor/Facilitator
Michelle Colonna
Moving Forward Employment Counsellor/Facilitator
Molly Evering
Employment Counsellor/Facilitator
Nausheen Patil
Administrative Assistant - Employment Programs
Stan DeSouza
Job Developer/Outreach Worker
Wendy McAulay
Employment Counsellor/Facilitator
Michael Allison
Senior Manager, Operations
Tekeste Foto
Director, Finance
Francine Freeman
Director of Development
Karen Van Stiphout
Director, Human Resources
Diana Dorogan
Human Resources Generalist
Programs & Services
Conflict Resolution & Training
Peter Bruer
Senior Manager, Conflict Resolution
Catherine Feldman-Axford
Coordinator of Community Mediation
Natalie Johnson
Coordinator, Workplace Training & Organizational Services
Youth Services
Gavin Brissett
Senior Manager, Youth Services
Michaela Allen
Coordinator, Youth Drug Strategy
Saara Siddiqi
TYES Manager
Child Care Services
Eva Lacson
Director, Child Care
Domenica Brogno
Coordinator, 91 Bellevue Child Care Centre
Cidalia Cutone
Coordinator, King Edward Child Care Centre
Jane Deng
Senior Manager, Canoe Landing Child Care Centre
Cristina De Sa Elias
Coordinator, Canoe Landing Child Care Centre
Elaha Hassan
Coordinator, Our Lady of Lourdes Child Care Centre
Fatima Pinhero
Manager, Waterfront Child Care Centre
Erica Regala
Coordinator, Harbourfront Child Care Centre
Karen Stemer
Manager, Yonge & Sheppard Child Care Centre
Matthew Taylor
Coordinator, Lord Lansdowne Child Care Centre
Employment & Training Services
Alana Dobbs
Coordinator, Youth Job Connection
Ann Kleiser
Senior Manager, Employment Services
Ana Paredes
Coordinator, Connections
Nadia Ursomarzo
Coordinator, Employment Ontario Services
Newcomer Services
Dmitry Elyashevich
Senior Manager, Newcomer Services
Maria Santos Findlay
Coordinator, Perinatal Services
Florence Wong
Coordinator, Newcomer Settlement Services
Isabella Wong
Early Learning Coordinator, LINC
Senior Services
Irene Tsang
Manager, Senior Services
Organizational Trustee Services
Linda Ho
Manager, Trustee Hub
Urban Health and Homelessness Services
Susan Bender
Manager, Toronto Drop-in Network
Jules Montgomery
Coordinator, Drop-in
Barb Panter
Manager, Housing and Drop-in Services
Janet Stevenson
Manager of Case Management and Clinical Programs
Michael Waglay
Coordinator, Peer Training and Development
Nadia Wali
Acting Manager, Community Initiatives

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