The Neighbourhood Group is a fusion of two great organizations: Central Neighbourhood House and Neighbourhood Link Support Services. These two organizations bring a rich, expansive history, serving our communities for a combined 146 years. We joined forces in 2014 to better serve our community and to work most effectively with our funders, donors, volunteers and community members to build a healthier, vibrant, Toronto.

The Neighbourhood Group

We are here! On June 14, 2014 the membership of Central Neighbourhood House voted unanimously to amalgamate with Neighbourhood Link Support Services. On June 5, 2014 the membership of Neighbourhood Link Support Services voted unanimously to amalgamate with Central Neighbourhood House. This means the amalgamation is official, and the two agencies came together as of July 1, 2014.


When two great community organizations join forces and work together, you have to know good things are about to happen


Central Neighbourhood House and Neighbourhood Link have amalgamated their collective experience, resources and wisdom and created—the Neighbourhood Group—a partnership between two organizations sharing common goals: serve the public good, engage the community and achieve positive social change. While the service area of both organizations remains unchanged, the benefit to people living within the area is about to increase dramatically.


Central Neighbourhood House

In 1911, Central Neighbourhood House (CNH) was founded in response to the appalling living conditions of newcomers to Canada living in downtown Toronto. Inadequate housing, poverty and lack of city services like sewer, water and medical care combined to create an environment of despair. CNH is the second oldest settlement house in Toronto and was established on the principle that if you want to improve the conditions of people living in poverty, you have to live and work with them as neighbours. For 105+ years CNH has done just that; working with people in an environment of respect to improve quality of life on every level. For more information about CNH’s history, click here to visit their site.


Neighbourhood Link Support Services

In 1975, residents of Toronto’s east end decided that it was time to take action against the isolation of many of Toronto’s seniors. They shared a passion and compassion for their senior neighbours in need and felt their personal touch would be more effective than other available alternatives. Neighbourhood Link Support Services has always centered on the originating principle, that people sometimes need practical support to be able to choose to live independently and with dignity in their community. The programs and services have expanded over the years to support newcomers, youth, and the marginally housed. For more information on Neighbourhood Link Support Services’ history, click here to visit their site.

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