Joyful reunion as we welcomed the first of three Syrian families sponsored through ‘Friends of The Neighbourhood Group’, our organization and committed community members.


A joyous family reunification took place Wednesday night out at Pearson International Airport in Toronto as the first of Friends of The Neigbbourhood Group’s three sponsored Syrian refugee families arrived. The beautiful family of seven (two parents and five children) was greeted by two of the mother’s sisters. It had been seven and three years respectively since they had seen one another.

The family had their first taste of drizzly snow and chill weather when they exited the airport. Even after a 26-hour journey and three hours of navigating through Immigration they were excited and energized to finally be in Canada.

The family gives heartfelt thanks to all of our donors who have made their new adventure possible.

We are so excited to welcome them to Canada and hope you are too. 

Very special thanks to the many generous donors who were inspired to bring hope to people touched by the tragedy in Syria.


Charitable number: 106887284RR0002    416.925.4363